Watch Hyundai’s Elevate Walking Car Concept

Hyundai Walking Car Concept is the Future of the First Responder Industry.

Hyundai’s Elevate Concept Car Uses Legs.

Wheels with robotic legs allow users to drive, walk or even climb over the most treacherous terrain never before possible by a traditional car. Debuting at CES 2019, “Elevate”, the Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), prepares communities in Continue reading “Watch Hyundai’s Elevate Walking Car Concept”

PUMA Smart Shoes of the ’80s, reissued for today

Puma the RS-Computer Shoe is a reissue of a 1986 design.

The First Computerized Running Shoe in 1986, the Puma COMDEX RS Computer. The letters RS stand for “Running System”, the computer Shoe used a computer chip embedded in the shoe to measure speed, distance, and calories burned. These functions are a lot like a stripped down Fitbit or Continue reading “PUMA Smart Shoes of the ’80s, reissued for today”