How to be a good leader that inspires people to change

How to be a good leader that inspires people to change

We falsely assume that a leader is a CEO or president or someone with a similar title. But, Who is a leader? A leader doesn’t need to be a CEO or president, he can be a person who takes ownership and apologizes when you get in trouble with your group or friends at school. Leadership is a character attribute that we can all cultivate. Darius Foroux, the author of this piece and an entrepreneur and podcaster, feels that leaders aren’t born, they are made.

There’s only one leadership strategy, according to the author. And that is leading by example. There’s no other effective way to inspire people. You can’t force people to listen to you or follow you. If you want your team to be positive, you must be positive. The same is true for your family, partner, and friends. Leadership is about ownership. If you think that your team sucks, you suck.

While observing mentors is one of the most effective ways of learning, the author lists 22 sayings that he learnt from his mentors.
Some of these are here:
1) I like to work because that keeps me young.
2) Treat people well. The world is small.
3) My goal is to learn one new thing every day.
4) I fail all the time. I just don’t give up.


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