How To Know Who Has Visited My Facebook Profile

Check your FaceBook visitors

Everyone is curious to know about their social media profile/page visitors in day-to-day life, example facebook profile. so, how to know who has visited my FB Profile other than my Friends? In simple words, it is extremely easy for anyone to check who have visited his/her FB profile (Facebook Page) other than friends and other details as well. All you need to do this upon login to your Facebook account, navigate to your profile option by clicking on your name displaying on the header menu of the Facebook front page. And, on your profile screen please right click on the white space then click on the ‘view page source’ option.

Check your Facebook visitors

Now, press CTRL + F for appearing search block on your current page. Upon search block appearing on your screen, please type the text as ‘initialchatfriendslist’. It will show you some codes in sequence. The codes on the topmost level clearly show that – X person is visiting your facebook profile most. Thereafter, as you scroll down in the list it shows you the number of people who have visited your profiles in the decreasing order. Just copy the code from there, and then paste it into the URL next to Like this. Similarly, you can seriously check the list of all those people who have been spying on your facebook



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